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Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Leanne Heller

I went to the Big Peach Running Co. on Wednesday for the unofficial TNT group run. It was HOT!!
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There was an interesting group of people there. Most of the TNT people were training on the intermediate or advanced schedule. I'm training on the Basic schedule. Mostly because my plan is to complete the half marathon, not so much compete against others. I ran my 3 miles mostly by myself, but it was kind of nice. I really enjoyed the new scenery. I think that I'm going to try to run there most Wednesdays. Even though there aren't that many people that are at my level, it is nice to at least have some people to stretch with and it is nice to have water stops provided. I have to say though, I must have lost 5 pounds in water weight. I've never really been interested in drinking sports drinks with any regularity, but I decided that I really need to get more fluids and more electrolytes, especially when I'm working out twice a day. I walked into the grocery store on Thursday and Gatorade was on sale 10 for $10. I got a couple different flavors, so we will see which I like the best.

We had a Group run after the fundraising clinic today.
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I ran with "Loony" Lisa, from my pace group on Tuesday. It was nice to have a running buddy who was at my same pace. She really motivated me to continue running when I wanted to stop. It was nice feeling like I actually accomplished something. Running more than 2 miles is still pretty hard for me, but it is getting much easier. I'm really working on pace and it seems to be helping. Our pace was supposed to be a 10 minute mile. Lisa and I did our 3 miles in 33 minutes, but that included 2 water stops. Other than the 2 water stops (mandatory in the current Atlanta weather) and the 2 major street crossings (Habersham and Valley), we didn't stop the whole time. Lisa and I even had the energy to sprint it in to the finish. Go us! It was also great. As we were going down the street, a group of cyclists passed us. Usually, they just zip on by, but this time, one of the riders cheered for us and shouted "Go Team!" Everyday I'm more and more surprised by the number of people who have completed an even with TNT. Everyone is so supportive that I am getting more confident about my ability to actually do this. The one thing that I really do need to change is that I need to remember to bring a towel to runs. I was literally drenched when I got back to the group today. Even wearing a dry-fit shirt, I had beads of sweat running down my shoulders, arms, legs, back, and forehead. I couldn't even find a dry spot on my shirt to wipe the sweat out of my eyes with. I guess that is a good thing, my body is cooling itself down. I have found that I'm not getting as hot and sweating as much outside of training, but it is starting to make my car smell since I sit my sweaty butt on my seats twice a day. Oh well!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Miles Completed- 32
Miles to Go- 220 (before September)

I got my letters turned in. Ok, not 100, but I turned in 92 which I think is close enough to 100 to count. I have some others that I want to get out, but I think that I'm going to either hand deliver them, or send them out as a group. I had a few that I need to send internationally, so I'm going to need to send those on my own to make sure that they get enough postage.

We had our TEAM fundraising clinic this morning before our group run. It was great to hear everyone's ideas and talk to Maureen from the society about some of my ideas. Also, after the clinic they held a raffle for a spa basket.
I won!
Depending on how my other fundraising stuff goes, I'm either going to use it as a raffle prize or an incentive of some sort. Yay, I'm getting closer and closer. Thanks to everyone who has helped me out.

Funds Raised- $550
Funds Remaining- $3450

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