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Monday, June 2, 2008

Running and Meeting Mallory

Yay for training!

I went to my Group run on Saturday, worried that I would be bored on the run. We were running at the same place that I have been running every day. I was pleasantly surprised. We ended up starting up the road a little bit so that our cars wouldn't take over the parking at the park. I got to meet some cool people and then we started our run(3 miles). It starts off down hill, so the first mile was super easy. The 2nd mile was flat, so a little bit harder, but not too bad. After the 2nd mile I stopped at the water stop and made a mistake. I tried a little bit of powerade and then tried to run the final mile, uphill. Not a good choice. I think that eventually, as I go up in mileage, I'll have to start drinking sports drinks, especially since I'm training in the summer in Atlanta, but for shorter distances, I need to stick to water. My stomach will be much happier. I did get to meet a whole bunch of cool people though. It was nice to run with Kevin, Kelly, and Kristen. I was wearing my TNT dry-fit shirt for the run. It got really, really hot. I think that I'm either going to cut off the sleeves, or just wear other shirts to train. I couldn't stop sweating and I got a little dehydrated. I think that the shirt does a good job of wicking away the sweat, but doesn't breathe very well.

Afterwards, I got to meet a whole bunch of other people who are either running or walking the Nike Women's event (Mallory, Joanna, Pam, etc.). Mallory is our honored hero. She is a blood cancer survivor (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). She is also in my mentor group. After our run, we had a fundraising meeting. When I finally got home from the fundraising meeting, I was exhausted. I sat on my couch and fell asleep for hours, literally. I think that it was a combination of tired and dehydrated, I hope.

Miles Completed- 19
Miles to Go- 233

After our run, Mallory, Kristin and I went out to one of the water stops to talk about fundraising with our mentor, Whitney. Mallory and I carpooled and had a great time, talking about running, boyfriends, sports bras, and LOST. I think that we are going to end up being pretty good friends. When we got out to the meeting, we brainstormed about a couple of good ideas for group fundraisers, and other fundraising tactics. Whitney proofread my letter and thought it was good. It is nice to have that little extra bit of reassurance. All in all it was a good day. After church on Sunday, I went over to my parents house to make use of their Internet, Rolodex, and printer. I got a whole lot done, finishing my letter, collecting a bunch of addresses, and labeling, stamping, and folding my return envelopes. It was a good day, but exhausting. There is nothing like tedious office work to wear you out. I got home around 10 (after dinner with the 'rents and Bryan) and fell fast asleep. It was a busy and exhausting weekend, but I think that I've finally kicked the procrastination bug in the tush. All that I have left to do is get my letter copied and stuffed. One of the team mentors has invited us all over for a letter stuffing party tonight, so I should have most, if not all of it done by tomorrow. Then most of the hard part will be done!

Funds Raised- $210
Funds Remaining-$3790

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