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Friday, May 30, 2008

Trying to Break the Trend

I'm starting to get there, both in my fundraising and in my training. I'm slowly but surely coming out of the Vortex of procrastination.

Yesterday I completed a timed 2 mile run to gauge my distance pace. We have a track workout scheduled for next Tuesday and Coach Jo wants to get an idea of where we are before the workout.

Here was the plan-
10 minute warm-up (fast walk, easy jog)
2 Miles Timed at about a 12-15 exertion level (1-20 Waking up-Can't say half a sentence)
10 minute cool-down and stretching

It went pretty well, although my old problems with Pacing myself came back. I did my first mile in 9:40, but then I was exhausted and it was rough pushing myself through the second mile. I finished the 2 miles in 20:20, which means my second mile took me 10:40, yup, that's right, almost a full minute more than my first mile. And, I was actually at about an 18 on the Percieved Rate of Exertion (PRE) scale, not great. I did however run the whole thing. For the past few days, my calves have really been bothering me after about a mile. I have had to stop and stretch for about a minute every mile or so.

I've already emailed Coach Jo and asked her for some help with pacing. I'm not going to make it through the whole race if I'm sprinting and then dying. I'd also like to get a little faster, although I guess that the speed will come with training.

Miles Completed- 14
Miles To Go- 238 (before September- I don't have Sept. and Oct. Schedules yet)

I'm finally starting to get some stuff done. I have all of my supplies, I've started labeling my envelopes and I've written the first 2 drafts of my Fundraising letter. I'm hoping to have it done by the middle of the day tomorrow. Then I've got to go over to the 'rents house to confirm some addresses. After that, I'll be stuffing away. One of the team mentors has invited everyone over on Monday night for an envelope stuffing party. I'm going to try to get some of my letters out before then, but worse comes to worst, I'll finish up there. Regardless, I'm planning to go and hang out with people. One of the many reasons why I chose to train with Team in Training is for the Team aspect. I've already missed a couple of the group events for various reasons, so I'm working on getting to know more and more people.

Funds Raised- $210
Funds Remaining- $3790

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